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Food Safety Level 2

Online food safety and hygiene training

Public confidence in terms of food safety is a major concern for any business in the food sector. With increasing public, media and legislative scrutiny, food businesses need to get it right first time, every time.

Ensure your staff understand their role in maintaining food safety with a course written by one of the world’s leading food safety experts, Richard Sprenger, and accredited by the UK’s leading organisation for regulated food safety qualifications.

This online food safety and hygiene training course is ideal for those who work in a catering environment including restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars, fast-food outlets, takeaways, mobile food trucks, kitchens, hospitals, schools and colleges.

Who needs this training?

Food businesses must, by law, must ensure that food handlers receive the appropriate level of training and supervision in food hygiene.

This online course is suitable for those working in a catering environment who are responsible for handling food. It is widely accepted by environmental health officers and local authorities as meeting the mandatory standard of training.

Is this the right course for me?

If you work within a food manufacturing environment, we offer a dedicated training course, the Food Safety in Manufacturing Level 2. This online training course is designed specifically with the differences between manufacturing and catering food businesses in mind.

If you don’t directly handle food, or only work with low-risk foods, you may consider the Food Safety Level 1 e-learning course If you’re a supervisor or manager you must be trained to a higher level and the Food Safety Level 3 e-learning course is ideal for you.

What does the course cover?

  • Introduction to food safety
  • Microbiological hazards
  • Food poisoning and its control
  • Contamination hazards and controls
  • HACCP from delivery to service
  • Personal hygiene
  • Food premises and equipment
  • Food pests and pest control
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Food safety enforcement

Why take this course?

The course is accredited by Highfield Qualifications, the market-leader in regulated food safety qualifications.

The course has been written by Richard Sprenger, one of the world’s leading food safety experts and author of the UK’s best-selling food safety and hygiene books.

This course isn’t just a box-ticking exercise. We’re committed to improving standards of food safety and moving from a certificate on the wall to genuine competence in the workplace.

When should I take this course?

All new starters in a catering business must be trained within 3 months of starting work. It is therefore ideal as part of a company induction.

We also recommend that all food handlers undertake food safety and hygiene training a minimum of every 3 years. It is also a useful tool as refresher training for existing members of staff.

How is the course assessed?

The course is assessed by multiple-choice question at the end of the course. Learners must score 100% in order to pass.

Please note: this course does not provide a qualification itself but does meet mandatory training requirements. If you wish to achieve a recognised level 2 food safety qualification you must sit an exam with a recognised training provider (you can still use the e-learning as the knowledge element of the training). Find a training provider here.

How long will it take to complete?

The course will take, typically, 4 to 5 hours to complete. But because it’s an e-learning course that is studied online, learners can complete the training in stages at a pace to suit them.

Our LMS will track progress and we encourage all learners to work at a pace that suits them.

What devices can I use to study the course?

The Highfield Food Safety Level 2 e-learning course is compatible with most devices. You can take the course on desktop, laptop and tablet devices that meet the minimum technical requirements.

We do not support use of our courses on a mobile phone.


The food safety level 2 e-learning course if accredited by Highfield Qualifications.

The course is also accredited by the CPD Accreditation Service as meeting the standards of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.


Learners will receive a Highfield certificate of completion, available immediately, when they successfully complete the course.

Why choose Highfield e-learning

We’re award-winning. We have a highly capable team that are passionate about delivering courses that improve safety in the workplace.

Our courses simplify even the most complex of subjects through media and content-rich exercises that motivate and engage learners. Our food safety level 2 course is packed with:

  • interactive exercises/gaming
  • media-rich content
  • interactive 3D scenarios
  • content provided by market leading experts
  • relevant photography and illustrations
  • multi-generational content and style

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