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ACT Awareness e-learning FAQs

ACT Awareness e-learning is a new CT awareness product designed for all UK based companies and organisations. It will provide nationally accredited corporate CT guidance to help industry better understand and mitigate against current terrorist methodology.

The following e-learning modules are available:

  1. Introduction to Terrorism
  2. Identifying Security Vulnerabilities
  3. How to Identify and Respond to Suspicious Behaviour
  4. How to Identify and Deal with a Suspicious Item
  5. What to do in the Event of a Bomb Threat
  6. How to Respond to a Firearms or Weapons Attack
  7. Summary and Supporting Materials

Two options are available for you to access the e-learning:

  1. URL: You will be provided with your own corporate URL link and PIN to immediately access the online version.
  2. SCORM: If you intend to deliver the ACT Awareness e-learning course using your own learning management system (LMS) then we can supply a SCORM 1.2 compliant file.

To register please visit:

Yes. When you start the course you will be asked how many learners are present. Please make a selection and deliver the course to your group.

Yes. The course contains several reference videos and interactive video exercises. A reliable broadband internet connection will be required to ensure the smooth running of the course.

The course is split into 7 modules. The course can be completed in around 45 minutes, and each individual module takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

Initial SCORM packages will last for 3 months. Once we are satisfied that you are meeting the agreed reporting requirements, then we may choose to offer a SCORM package with a longer lifespan.

Scheduled reporting requirements will still apply and NaCTSO may withhold updates from any company not providing the agreed progress and completion reports.

Once you have been issued with a URL account, it will remain active for the duration of the tool’s availability unless you choose to close your account. NaCTSO may choose to remove or replace this service.

No. Project Griffin was a more detailed full-day training session designed to be delivered by an experienced trainer. This e-learning program is a general awareness product. Both products are controlled by the same team so the information delivered will be consistent across the two.

The SCORM version of the course will allow you to track the progress of your employees. You will need your own learning management system (LMS) in order to do that.

Learning management systems can be downloaded for free if you have technical staff able to configure them. Many LMS providers offer subscription services, and these can be used if you do not have the internal resource required to manage an internal LMS.

The programme has been thoroughly tested for compatibility with a wide range of systems. However, there are certain circumstances where a device or network configuration can adversely affect the operation the programme. In the first instance you should contact your IT department and direct them to the course specification.

If you believe that your configuration could be incompatible, or have experienced issues, please contact us at and we will work with you to assist you in accessing this tool.

Please contact NaCTSO, who will be able to re-send your invitation.

Please contact NaCTSO who will be able to re-send your PIN code.

Some browsers restrict videos from automatically playing to reduce the annoyance of unwanted video advertising. When used in such a browser, the course will detect this and provide a play button when required to initiate the video sections.

You should consult you IT team or internal ACT contact. Corporate networks differ greatly in their configuration, and there could be security measures in place that adversely affect the use of video and e-learning. If in doubt, please ask your IT team or ACT contact to email us at

This online training solution will work on Windows or Apple desktop PCs or laptop computers. It will also work on iPads running the current version of iOS, and Android tablets from mainstream manufacturers using the Chrome browser .

This course is not recommended for use on mobile phones.

To register please visit: and then select 'Request Access'.

No, all NaCTSO guidance is free.

Please make sure that you have read and scrolled to the bottom of the terms and conditions before clicking accept.

Please also ensure that cookies are enabled on your device.

The main cause of these issues is the device's security protocols conflicting with the course. If you have an IT department we strongly recommend that they put the course into a 'whitelist', this will ensure that the course is unhindered by security.

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